Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Madness

Happy Monday =)

It is officially finals week. So I will be acting like a crazed maniac and that is okay. All that matters at this point is that I graduate. Which will be happening. I finally have a dress which cost way to much but my wonderful boyfriend bought it for me anyways. He loves that I am happy and I love him for that. Anyways enough with the mushies. I wont have time this week to come up with random post on my own so I am going to start the 30 challenge. I started it sometime last year but never made it past the second day I think. lol. So we are going to redo the whole thing. =) and this time I actually have people to read it (aWwesOme!!)

Day 1: A Picture of yourself and 20 facts:

1. I WILL be a Doctor.
2. Im the most emotionally angry person I know.
3. I dont believe in Ketchup and Mustard. Its all about Ranch and BBQ sauce
4. There are about 20 people living in my head and about 4 of them actually function daily.
5. I live for the sun, flip flops, white tee and
6. I am afraid of failing and not getting into medical school.
7. I miss my California life I will always be a San Diegan at heart.
8. I live vicariously through Beyonce.
9. I am the friend who has no volume control on their mouth.
10. I dont know what the hell I want sometimes, other than the MD degree.
11. I LOVE my cat Skitzso Fetch.
12. I LOVE my sibilings dearly. Id shank for them.'
13. I want a bigger ass.
14. I was secretly a sniper in another life.
15. Dead bodies are so my thing.
16. My gay male friends bring awesomeness to my life
17. I want to be a drag queen. Like Ru Paul status. Bitch is bad.
18. Sometimes when I think no one is around I fart and pretend it wasn't me.
19. I honestly believe I have the best boyfriend in the world. Even when he pisses me off.
20. There is only one me. Its called endangered bitches.

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