Thursday, August 9, 2012

I had to Check Myself.

I have been going through a lot lately. I just can't really seem to get my life together. For starts studying for the MCAT and having a full time job and one part time job, while looking for a new job is definitely taking it's course. My lab job ends September 1st and because they are downsizing I can't get a full time position. Its blows. My love life is definitely on the rocks. Major iceberg rocks. Its weird how one person can come in and make you change your entire life plan (Don't worry I still want to be Dr. Green). I found the one I want to marry. Hell I think I am ready to be married. But is life ready for me to be married?

Anyhow. I thought I should take time out to focus know the things I should be grateful for while I feel my life is in shambles. Because its really not that bad.

I am grateful:

1. That I can wake up every day and just breathe. There are a lot who are on life support and can't do it on their own.

2. that I have family who is always there for me no matter what. There are those who have never known what family means, blood or not.

3. That I was raised to be independent and strong. Many do not have the backbone or courage to go after what they want.

4. I can put food in my refrigerator and have the option to throw away leftovers. Many don't even have the option of eating at all and here I am throwing stuff away.

5. That the person whom I have come to call my best friend, come to love and adore will still come to my rescue even at my most stubborn times. I am going to marry him. Lol 

6. Grateful I have a great education. I know too many people who didn't make it out of high school and still can't read.

7. Grateful to be able to physically and mentally take care of myself. Many people have no clue what that even entails.

8. Grateful to have amazing friends!! I know that even though we don't talk every single day, when we get together it goes down!!!! Many people have too many enemies to ever know a friend.

9. Grateful to have options. Far too many have none.

10. Grateful to have this blog. I can speak my mind whether people read it or not. In many places people dk not have that option. They are killed for having something to say.

What are you grateful for?

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  1. Downsizing sucks...I'm sure you will get it all figured out, but it looks like you already have good insight on everything that you should be thankful for. As for got in the way of my life plans, but that was more the Army's fault. I think you guys will be fine whenever you feel like it's time!

    1. Thanks for the support. What do you mean got in the way of life plans? Like in a bad way?

  2. always good to remember what we have that are blessings when life seems rough! great post! and that up high angle is actually a good one, great photo! haha

    1. Thanks!!! sometimes a reminder is needed. the pic turned out better than expected! lol

  3. Harlem, life takes us through ripples and waves and I am glad you assess what you are grateful for. Hang in there :)

  4. All fabulous reasons to be happy! And don't let the marriage thing get to you! I was 27 before I was married. It's great but I had many things to accomplish in my life before marriage! So did he... Lol :)