About Me

My name is Harlem. I am a recent graduate with a degree in Biology. I enjoy taking pictures of everything, drawing and mainly anything that involves guts, blood and surgeries. You know how you have that one smart mouth friend with no filter on their mouth, but you cant help to laugh with/at? Well that's me folks. lol. To know me is to love me. Or be jealous of.. why I don't know. It just keeps happening. lol

I plan on starting some sort of medical revolution and becoming a great doctor. I am not sure where my life is headed 100% but I am using this blog not only to help me look back on my life but sort things out as well. Oh and if you didn't know, I will do Snoop Doggs autopsy. But until then I'll stick to working like a Jamaican.

Any more feel free to ask =)

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