Saturday, July 20, 2013

Make it stick! The cheap way--


I know I know. I have been gone for a long long time.  Again. Except this time I am all out of excuses. Seriously. lol. I have no excuse. I have been work, A LOT and trying to get my art business together. OH wait-- for those who don't know. I did decide to finally do something with my art. I hooked up with Society6 and now my original art can be made into pillows, T-shirts, iPhone cases and skins, prints and stationary cards. Its actually pretty cool. The actual name of my business is called The Mental Canvas. Take a look and check it out!!

OK. For my first "come back" post I wanted to share a make up something with you guys. I learned it today so I had to share. Before I begin there are two reasons why I did this; to save money and because I needed it. What you ask?? Eye Shadow Primer.

Its really easy. All you need is

1. Vaseline

2. Thick unscented face lotion/moisturizer that's ok to use around/on your eyes

3. Liquid Foundation

4. Small empty container with lid.

5. Something to stir everything with (like a bobby pin)

The process is very simple.
1. In the small container put in lotion and liquid foundation and mix together with your bobby pin. you want to do this in equal parts to start off. If you need it to be darker add more foundation. If you need it lighter add more lotion/moisturizer.

2. Add Vaseline for consistency. Not too much but it also allows for hold and shine.

3. Apply and use eye shadow!! The first swatch is without the primer and the second is with. Makes a complete difference! Same for the eye lids. Have fun! Hope you like.

Please excuse my ratchet eyebrows!! I am trying to let them grow out so I can reshape them. The struggle.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dear Self.

*sometimes you dont need others to check you, you need to check you. If you could look at yourself from the outside looking in and talk to yourself, what would you say?

Dear Harlem,

This is yourself. The still loud, tall, demanding self. Hopefully the day you decide to look back on this you have grown into someone more amazing, more beautiful and more talented. But I feel its a must to remind you of a few things.

Right now youre not in medical school. THAT IS OK. You have worked damn hard to get where you are. You have made to almost 24 with no children, a biology degree, youve provided for yourself on a level that more people at your age have never even thought about . So medical school will happen. Stop letting others remind you where you arent. And remember where you are. Also, when you do go to medical school you are going to rock that place. Dont worry.

I have to tell you though...youre a little too in love with being in love. Slow down. The one person you thought would never change your world has. And you will love to hate them for it. They would put you through hell and high waters but its love. Its ok to want a love so deep that it makes your heart swell, so deep that the very idea is breath taking. Its ok to want a love that looks at you and realizes that their entire world wouldnt even hold together if you werent in it. To want a love that looks at you and doesnt seen black and white but 20 million awesome shades of grey. Its ok. Just be patient.

Love yourself. Continue to love yourself. The people are watching. They are following and they are watching.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Where ya Been love?

Hey hey hey!!!

Yes I am a neglector. Lol. I dont know why I stopped blogging. One day I just got too scared to sign into my account. then before I knew it- I wasnt blogging. Maybe it was the invisible pressure. Trying to gain more followers, trying to make sure what I was saying was important enough. Idk. But I missed it so I am back!!

Hopefully you will stick around with me this time around.  I still have no direction with this blog. Its not just about fashion, just about life, or one particular subject. Just whatever I want!! Life is changing for me. I want to be able to look back and remember it all.

Harlem <3

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The feeling of guilt. So strong it can make a person sick. Sick enough the feeling succumbs the entire body, to the point that a complete shut down isn't far from reach. Guilt, it brings paranoia, destruction, hurt, second guessing. Where does this five letter get the nerve of carrying around so much weight with it?

So much with dirtiness, so much foul, such weight, this little word it has. Gah.

I've been on a roll as of late with the whole painting thing. It all started with a sale at Michaels, then next thing you know.... The emotional trail began. It's a crazy feeling being able to sit and just start painting. My world becomes something else, it doesn't have to make sense, it doesn't have to be explained, it's just there.

I just finished this one last night. I'm calling it "Guilty Discretion" I'm curious to know what you think when you look at it. Happy Friday! I'll post more paintings later

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Yes, I know the guacamole is extra...

Money, money, money..... The root of all evil. Ugh. It comes into your life, makes you feel like you're worth something, then leaves you as soon as it realizes you have this baggage called bills. Uuuggghhhhh. Lol

I have known how to balance a checkbook since the age of 11/12, always understood its value and what it could do for me in life. I have been on my own since the day after high school and when I tell you, if I knew what I knew now.... I'd have so much money saved! Although I have gotten better with money since college alone, I LOVE TO EAT.....out. Haha

No dishes, no trash, service.... I mean that's the dream I tell you. However I just downloaded this app called Mint. It connects to your bank account and budgets exactly what you have spent for the month and incoming vs out going. Let me tell you. REALITY CHECK. You would think I was P.diddy out here spending left and right. Granted a lot of what was spent was way past needed, my eating out habits are disgusting... Lets just say over the last 3 1/2 months I have spent almost one months rent eating out!!!! Gross!!!!!!!! I mean I look great but ewwww! Eating out adds up after awhile. So for the next month I am going to try to limit myself to only spending $30.00 at the most to eating out (I'm sorry I love Chipotle way too much to not budget for it).

I am also one of those people who DREAD looking at their bank accounts. Especially after an awesome weekend out, it is like swimming with squirrels, just scary. So as apart of this new budgeting, I will be forcing myself to check my bank account daily. That way I am more aware of what I spend. Hopefully it works.

What do you do to help stay within your budget??

Monday, October 15, 2012

Illegal Beauty

“Some people become cops because they want to make the world a better place. Some people become vandals because they want to make the world a better looking place.” 

Happy early week to everyone! We have made it past Monday and that in itself is a great thing!

While I have been away from the blogging world I have been trying to become better at a few things. One of them being my art. I want to become a better sketcher, be quick and more elegant but defined. So I have been doodling. But while visiting one of my lovely sisters in the interesting city of Baltimore

I noticed a lot of graffiti art, and prints plastered around the city. I love it!! I want to do my own piece on an abandoned building somewhere...I just don't think I'm that good that yet.

Maybe one day...

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Missing in Action

I hope everyone has been doing well! I have even away maybe about a month or more. I just needed a break. A long break...blogging didn't seem as fun like when I first began. I began worrying about what people would read, keeping up with other bloggers and trying to gain followers when I know I do not have time to blog everyday. It's called life. Lol. I have one. A pretty hectic, very involved one that doesn't have too much down time. Nonetheless I miss it. So I am back.

I have been trying to catch up on all of your wonderful blogs! Fashion shows, baby craze, nail polish, and reading other perspective on life. I've missed a lot!

I have just joined the iPhone world so as much as I would love to upload pictures to catch you guys up on what's been happening... I have to wait until tomorrow. I don't have many pictures on here yet!

So until then.