Saturday, July 20, 2013

Make it stick! The cheap way--


I know I know. I have been gone for a long long time.  Again. Except this time I am all out of excuses. Seriously. lol. I have no excuse. I have been work, A LOT and trying to get my art business together. OH wait-- for those who don't know. I did decide to finally do something with my art. I hooked up with Society6 and now my original art can be made into pillows, T-shirts, iPhone cases and skins, prints and stationary cards. Its actually pretty cool. The actual name of my business is called The Mental Canvas. Take a look and check it out!!

OK. For my first "come back" post I wanted to share a make up something with you guys. I learned it today so I had to share. Before I begin there are two reasons why I did this; to save money and because I needed it. What you ask?? Eye Shadow Primer.

Its really easy. All you need is

1. Vaseline

2. Thick unscented face lotion/moisturizer that's ok to use around/on your eyes

3. Liquid Foundation

4. Small empty container with lid.

5. Something to stir everything with (like a bobby pin)

The process is very simple.
1. In the small container put in lotion and liquid foundation and mix together with your bobby pin. you want to do this in equal parts to start off. If you need it to be darker add more foundation. If you need it lighter add more lotion/moisturizer.

2. Add Vaseline for consistency. Not too much but it also allows for hold and shine.

3. Apply and use eye shadow!! The first swatch is without the primer and the second is with. Makes a complete difference! Same for the eye lids. Have fun! Hope you like.

Please excuse my ratchet eyebrows!! I am trying to let them grow out so I can reshape them. The struggle.

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