Thursday, April 19, 2012

Throwback Thursday

Let me tell you how swamped in work I have been... the late nights in the library have definitely been draining. The only thing I have been actually been able to keep up with so far is my gym time. I have to look amazing in my dress... which we wont talk about right now because I am quite upset about the whole situation. Lets just say hopefully I get one. Yes I am dramatic but I worked damn hard these last four years and now at thte end things do not seem to be going my way.

 Here are a few things I have been oober busy with this week:

A 3 legged race in which we almost won =)

glaring at people for no apparent reason

Trying to keep my cat from drinking out of the toilet as usual...

I then painted my nails... which are already chipped not even 3 days later..

Then I experimented with blue make-up in honor of Blue Ivy (yes Beyonces' daughter) although she will probably never know about

Although the post have been on major sack duty.. it is still Throwback Thursday. Today's song comes from Ms. JLo.

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