Friday, March 23, 2012

Yes I am a plucking weirdo.

( I am actually sniffing my armpit, great pic though huh??)

Sometimes I really sit here and wonder how in the world that I have friends. I am like beyond weird. I'm sure your thinking... well everyone has weird tendencies.. haha. well.. lets just say Im ultra weird...BUUUTTTTT I have justification for some of my weirdness.. want to know how weird huh??  Here we go..

  • Weirdness: I love dead bodies.
  • Justification: Remember I am an intern at the Coroners office in hopes to be a doctor.

  • Weirdness: An ambulance goes flying by and I think AUTOPSY!!
  • Justification: I am in love with the human body and all its wonders

  • Weirdness: I have a cat name Skitzso Fetch
  • Justification: It was either that or a dog named Lypo.

(yes he has his own couch)..

Weirdness: I had a lizard named Sea Nile Fetch... and I performed his autopsy when he died..
Justification: well come on.. have you ever seen the inside of a lizard??

Weirdness: I have started an organ book shelf.. as in a shelf that has real organs. I want my office in my house to be filled with these
Justification: I want to be able to go back and study at my own leisure. I love organs.

( At this point I have a whole organ set, set of lungs, heart, kidneys, liver)

Weirdness: I am absolutely petrified of squirrels. I promise I will cross the street and/or run
Justification:  Not only has one fallen out of a tree onto me, one jumped out at me in the middle of Walmart (yes Walmart) and I have been chased by more than at one time.. NOT COOL. lol

Well if I tell you anymore weird things about me....haha well that would me more weird... right??

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