Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sparkling in Traci Lynn!

Welcome!! This will be my first feature blog! She does not have a blog but she is an avid supporter of mine so I thought I would help her out and share some of her business with you guys. Now we ladies all love jewelry! At least I know I do. And I do not like the cheap ish. Not only will I break out, I will break it. Lol. But anywho. My lovely Aunt Annesta Russell has started selling her own line of Traci Lynn jewelry which originated in Delaware and is slowly spreading across the states. 

This past Saturday was her grand opening show, which went awesome and had a great turn out! There was plently of food and games an my favorite.. GIVEAWAYS!! But as usual I can show you better than I can tell you. So here we go!

Here is my Aunt Nes smiling for her Grand Debut!!  
and of course we had to try EVERYTHING ON!! lol

Of course I won a giveaway!! Thanks to my five raffle tickets and the 5 more my better half bought me too!! He actually won the necklace! But of course its mine!! lol.

Price: $38.00 Mine free!!! lol. ..well minus the raffle tickets to make sure I

BLING EVERY WHERE!! lol. The jewelry is not super expensive but it is definitely worth every penny. If you like what you see make sure to contact either myself through comments and emails. Or check out my aunt directly!! I will be having a show soon for all my drag queens!

Annesta Russell


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