Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wanted: Schooling needed for Snoop Doggs autopsy

To do or not to do...

 Is the question at hand. It is now time to start looking at medical schools (which I shouldve started a long time ago) and I have no idea where I should start looking. I just know that I am going to be a doctor in someones medical school somewhere. Then I started thinking... what about a PhD and then medical school?? But I would rather be an MD over a PhD anyday. Not that they are not both great. So I began by looking into some of the closest schools to Harrisburg, PA only so that I may remain close to family.

heres a small list of the potentials:

1. University of Maryland School of Medicine
2. Johns Hopkins
3. Jefferson Medical
4. Perelman School of Medicine
5. Cooper Medical

This list is no where near done. A couple of these schools are more dream schools than reality but the worse that could happen is they say no. As long as I become a doctor I really dont care where I go to school.

Any suggestions on where else to look??

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