Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Things that are NOT ok to do as a professor

So I am a little bitter about a class that I am taking at the moment because I continue to study my ass off and yet I keep getting bad grades... which is somthing that does not sit well with me. But in the midst of getting this bad grade (which I admit is not completly the professors fault) butttt.... it got me to thinking of all the things that I cannot stand for a professor to do. So here we go.

1. If you want students to arrive on time to learn, be on time to teach. I dont care if you are a laywer. Its called a smart phone with email. Use it.

2. Do not send out emails 10 minutes before class and expect the whole class to have read it. It doesnt work that way.

3. Obviously this is a college. Reading is crucial to even take the SAT's. DO NOT READ YOUR SYLLABUS TO THE CLASS WORD FOR WORD. Your demanding that I get on facebook and do nothing.

4. Do not read your slide word for word. Its just as bad as reading your syllabus word for word.

5. Checking your phone every five minutes in the middle of your own lecture is not ok. Unless you pick up dead bodies for living or have a cool obbession with spiders and animals.

6. Talking to your students like they are in 5th grade.. not ok. I get your older and have been teaching for years but we are still adults no matter how immature we may act.

7. Dont tell us or grade is one thing and we get our transcripts and its another. AUTOMATIC GRIEVANCE. Do not in anyway, shape or form be suprised.

8. Do not quote yourself on your own textbook that you wrote and made me buy. Its like giving yourself a hand job.

9. Do not patronize your students. There are stupid questions.

10. Do not think you are too experienced to learn a thing or two from students. yea, you did the college thing before but there was also IBM before apple.

This is not about any teacher in particular. But feel free to let me know if I missed any. = )

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