Thursday, February 16, 2012

Endorphine Junkie Needs Tunes

Today was a day of total frustrations. All internal really but I definitly needed to blow off some steam. Talking to people wasnt really the fix I needed today. Theres a lot going on in other peoples lives so Im trying to be more of the support system right now. But anywho, I took myself to the gym. Im just trying to get back into better shape altogether but I have some mini goals along the way. In about three weeks there is the trip to GA again with 3 of my favorite people =), then there is graduation in May, then the last summer of freedom.. (well kind of)... lol. But anyways. It always helps to have an awesome playlist to get you in the right mood. I do a lot of cardio and weight lifting so I like to stay pumped and motivated and in the zone. Mood is everything when working out. Just thought I should take the time to share a few of the songs on my gym playlist.

1. Shove it - Santogold ft Spankrock

2. A$$ (remix) - Big Sean

3. Why stop now _ Busta Rhymes ft Chris Brown

4. Hard - Rihanna

5. Turn it up -Kelly Rowland

6. Good Feeling -Florida

7. Sleazy- Ke$ha

8. Turn me on- Nicki Minaj

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