Monday, February 13, 2012

Hearts & Nails

So I have been trying to keep up with keeping my nails looking all girly and such. I used to get them done all of the time with the fancy acrylic and cool colors but once I started the coroners office my nails always ripped through the gloves so I got rid of them.  This valentines day got me all excited about colors, but I did not want to go all classic red. so heres what I did.

I started with 4 black finger nails and 1 white. I love one nail being a different color than the other. once they dried ( I hate waiting).. I drew a messy heart on the white nail using a nail art pen i purchased at Rite Aid. Im still getting use to using them, they are kind of hard to use at first. I made sure not to draw the heart perfectly, its already cliche. The end result was pretty cute, kind of hallmarkish. But I like it.

of course I am impatient and messed up a lot of my black nails waiting for them to dry.. any effective methods to hurry this drying process??

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