Friday, February 17, 2012

Things that are NOT ok to do as students

(Dont roll your eyes, you knew it was coming ; )

Ok so the blog about things that are not ok to do as professors turned out to be a pretty big hit. But I felt kind of bad because students do some pretty crappy things too. I dont want people to think that professors are the only tards of the class room when really... theres quite a few. There are a few things about students that drive me absolutly crazy. I may even be guilty of it myself. So here we go:

1) No one likes to go to an early class, I get it... but if class is from 8 am -1120 am and you show up at 11:05 stay where ever the hell you were.
2) It is in no way shape or form ok to wear PJ's to school everyday. Especially when its time to give a presentation. I get being your own person but it sends the wrong message.

3) To the kid who NEVER pays attention and is always on facebook in class..its fine that your not interested in the subject. But DO NOT ASK ME FOR HELP.

4) There is such a thing as a stupid question. We have all heard them. Its usually from the person who spent the whole lecture doing something else.

5) Granted there are not assigned seats in college, but if everyday for the last 45 days you sat in one seat, dont plucking sit in mine because you felt like it.

6) The professor is talking and you have a story about eeeevvvveerrryyy plucking thing that you feel the need to share with the class that are like 20 minutes long.. its annoying.

7) Powerpoints.. man o man...we have all sat through those dreadfull dreadful powerpoint presentations... first and for most. Be the prepared. its the least you can do. If you didnt do the assignment save us all the bs. PLEASE.

8. To the person aceing every darn exam do us all a favor and get sick one exam.  Your plucking up the curve. = )

9. Never showing up for class, never doing assignments and pretty much doing nothing, equates to a relatively low grade. Bitching to other students about your crap professor isnt really fair. Especially when everyone knows your an idiot.

10.  Most of the excuses that we are able to come up with for why the assignment is late or simply doesnt exist , are usually pretty clever. But 9/10 your better off just keeping it real. Your excuse gets around...

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