Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Hunt for the Paranormal

Hey guys! I did the most exciting thing this week.I went ghost hunting with one of my little sister in Gettysburg! We went along with some of her coworkers from work. Let me say I was nervous as hell. I'm nOt really sure if I believe in ghost or not, so I figured hey why not. Well we went to the Hoffman house, which was used as a few things. It was used as an underground railroad before the civil war, a hospital to amputate solidiers during the civil war and an orphanage. They say that there are about five spirits that stayed behind in the house. We were given a series of tools to use during the hunt. I had a hand held meter that would light green to show it was working but then would turn red when a spirit was detected. My meter went off Alot but Never actually saw anything. There was also these rods that detected energy and was used to actually talk to the spirits. In the end I'm still not sure what I believe as far as spirits are concerned but I still had Alot of fun. I wonder. If when I die I'll be out there haunting something...or maybe if spirits even want to be hunted. I'm just saying...until next time. Happy hunting!!
It was cold as hell! me and my little sis.

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