Sunday, February 20, 2011

30 day Challenge...


As usual things have been pretty hectic. I picked up an extra job for school, which puts me at 3 jobs, an internship and school fulltime. I actually stayed awake for 2 days straight just to get a decent amount of work done. Its getting closer to graduation.. which wont happen until next fall now but whatever. Im doing awesome so im ok with that.

ANYWHO.. I saw a recent post called the 30 day photo seemed pretty cool and thoughful so I think Im going to give it a try. lol. its simple enough to do everyday.

So heres to day one:

1. I WILL be a Doctor.
2. Im the most emotionally angry person I know.
3. I dont believe in Ketchup and Mustard. Its all about Ranch and BBQ sauce
4. There are about 20 people living in my head and about 4 of them actually function daily.
5. I live for the sun, flip flops, white tee and
6. I am afraid of failing.
7. I miss my California life.
8. I live vicariously through Rihanna.
9. I am the friend who has no volume control on their mouth.
10. I dont know what the hell I want sometimes, other than the MD degree.
11. I LOVE my cat Skitzso Fetch.
12. I LOVE my sibilings dearly. Id shank for them.'
13. I want a bigger ass.
14. I am secretly a snipper in another life.
15. Dead bodies are so my thing.

haha... here are a few random things about me. judge me if you wish, im not listening. lol. Until next time.

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