Wednesday, September 1, 2010

WoOo 21!

Oh em gee. I had a kick ass 21! On August 31, 1989 a wonderful human being graced this earth! MEEE!! I love my friends to the fullest. They definitly know me and know how to party. Things got off to a rocky start though. First, I couldnt find a dress anywhere. It seemes like everything was either waay to short or just way to trashy. Luckily I found a dress at the last minute and worked out wonderfully.

For my firt drink I started with an Apple Martini. It was good but a bit strong. I started with that around 12 right before class...haha. I needed it though. It was round 2 of Organic Chemistry. Which didnt go so bad. Thanks Martini!!

Then it was straight to the Bar after work. I met up with some friends. Come to find out they threw me a party too. SO that was fun!! lol. Then another bar we
It was cool because its actually down the street from my house and I never noticed it. I had crazy fun. Then i met this guy there who was really good at salsa dancing. we tore the song

I included a few pictures.. enjoy!

To a Happy 21!!!!

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