Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Ending to My Begining..


Its has definitly been awhile since the last post. I have kind of been waiting for school to start so that my post would be more consistant. Well my lovelies school starts Monday.. I am actually really excited because I am actually interning at the Dauphin County Coroners Office. I am so glad and lucky I have such a great oppurtunity. This feels like my first big step into another real world. I just hope i dont have to cut open anyone else I know. That can have quite the mental

As for this weekend, it is Welcome Weekend for the freshmen. Its crazy helping out, because just yesterday it seemed like I was a freshmen waltzing through here ready to attack life. Now I am pretty much a senior. Ready to graduate yet

Life up to now been a hectic but yet great learning experience for me. Its getti8ng harder but I am definitly ready. To all the ones who doubted me before, you saw what happened last time. Dont bet twice, you'll be the dummy yet again.

To begining again..

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