Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day..

Today is the Fourth of July and I am stuck here in wonderful Harrisburg PA, with nothing to do. I dont understand why this city is so horrible. BUt never the less I am here. Today is the day we have won our independence.

I remember the day I won my own. Its crazy to see myself as such an adult now. I loved my life back home. I had the greatest friends, loved my school and my winters were always warm!! lol. I have now moved to Pennsylvania where I have great friends could be a different school and freezing winters. But here I am an adult. I pay my bills and taxes, have had my own place for quite some time. I look to no one for help other than more hours at work. Im even almost done with school, which I have worked so very hard..

There are those who may say I work too hard and all i think about is myself. This is how i see it, at the end of the day the only person you can depend on is yourself. I dont have a god to answer my life problems and parents to help pay my rent every month. All I have is me. As of yet the only thing guaranteed is my paycheck and the rent due. More people need to be more independent instead of dependent.

I love who I was but I love who I am. Independent.

to July Fourth and gaining our own personal independence.

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