Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mouth full of Twinkies...

SoOoo good, but yet too much is bad. SooOOo filling, but can leave you 3 sizes too big later down the road.. Damn you food. haha.. It has now been a year since I started at the ice cream shop. When I started I was only 144. One year later I am now weighing in at 165. Can you say weight gain? Weight is not something that I really paid attention to.. until I couldnt fit not one pair of damn jeans anymore. That size 7 is now pushing a size 9 almost 10.. too many thins may seem like a who cares?? But this is my point. We never care until it is too late. It is not just about weight gain or being a little chubbeir than usual. Its about being healthy. There are so many of our generation and time that do not care to take notice of their health, then wonder why they have diabetes or heart failure. I have customers that drink Coca cola all day long but get mad when its time to go see a kidney specialist. I even have to catch myself. During finals, I was so stressed I had a cheese steak in one hand and a chili cheese dog in the other (Did I mention I HATE hot dogs??), all the time. I'm not saying we need to turn into the Barbies of america or all be a single digit size. Just watch you east, your body will love you for it later..

To a Healthier You..

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