Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What makes a good parent?

Myself at 3 =)

What makes a good parent? Is it the countless nights spent burping children? The restless nights wondering where your kid is when they are two hours late for curfew? How about the endless advice given but never taken in until too late? Is a good parent the one who is never around and but always provides? Or never provides but is always around?

Is a good parent one who allows their children to decide whether or not the parent should even be allowed in their lives? Does a good parent allow a child to fail or succeed without ever saying a word?
Tell me...what is a good parent?


  1. This is not a hard question to answer at all. ;)

    I think a good parent loves unconditionally. They advice and discipline when they need to but they also try and listen. They're present. They want the best for their child but they also know to allow their child to live their own lives. I think a good parent must also understand that being a 'good parent' is really difficult and that they'll make mistakes on the way. That way perhaps they'll know that they're not always right (my folks tend to think they always are haha!)

    GAH! This is hard! But I just think it comes down to love and balance. I'm sure there's more stuff but this is what I could come up with.

    1. Great answer. I can appreciate that!

  2. A good parent leads by example, instills respect in us, and even when they want to bend, they stand tall knowing that the hardest route isn't always the easiest. They aren't necessarily perfect, but they learn and teach you from their mistakes with humility- not ego <3