Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Skitzso Fetch/ Throwback Thursday


I thought that I was cleaning out my "inbox" guess not.. I am actually very bummed about this one. I really enjoy reading the comments that I do get seeing as I always assumed that I would be the only one reading them. :/ Now I look like a loser! lol. aahhh who cares. Just know I didnt do it on purpose. =)

Ess actually nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award! I am a little late but I figure Its never too late to share a few things about myself.  I am suppose to nominate other people but honestly...every one I know has been much been awarded. I will be doing this post soon. I need pictures.

So in addition to Throwback Thursday.. I decided to share a look into the day in the life of my child
 "Skitzso Fetch"

His life with me started out somewhat like

Yes I had the nerve to put him in a onezie.. he never really like it though.. 

Skitzso quickly began doing a lot of this....

and this... (he has a stuffed animal named Talula)

Eventually I would wake up to this...Talk about not being able to move...

Skitzso quickly discovered that a lot of my time spent home want playing with him.. It was spent studying. So he learned how to do his favorite activity like this..

and Like this.....

And when that didn't work.. I would come home to this...

Evetually he took on new activities...Like drinking out of the toilet

Or scaring our lizard "Sea Nile Fetch" to death..literally

Adopting human like qualities became a big thing...


  1. Hahahahhahahhahahaha! Thats your cat. I think I have about 10 pictures of him sleeping on shit in human positions.

  2. your cat is a doouch bag