Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What do you think Wednesday

Hello to all!!!

I love all of the wonderful blogs that I get to read on Wednesdays! But I always feel like I a copy cat if I redo any of the ones that I see. So I made up my own. What Do You Think Wednesday! Every Wednesday I will either write about something controversial going on or maybe just a pondering question, picture or issue that I would like to know what you guys think. Cool??

(I like the picture because it makes you think.. not because I agree 100% )

Well lets get started.. For the first one, it will be a relationship based question. I realize that a lot of the problems in relationships come from holding back information. Telling the story but maybe not the whole story, just to spare some unwanted feelings on your partners behalf. Granted, there shouldn't be secrets between the two of you. But what if what you have to say is something that will hurt the other person? Or even put the other person in harm? But if you do not tell them, they will never know and it doesn't affect your relationship. Do you follow the rules of always being honest no matter what or choose the spare the unnecessary drama, arguments, hurt..etc?

What do you think??

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