Friday, April 6, 2012

Stare Much??

Ok so this morning I was riding the bus. I hate the bus. With a passion. It is not always so much that the bus here in Harrisburg is always late or way too early. It is more so the darn weirdos that are on the bus. You have the babies and strollers, the loud woman on her phone, the college student who is obviously going through life changes... and even better.. the dude who will not stop staring directly in your face. I am the person who will stare back until you become so uncomfortable you look away or finally you say something. It eeerrrrkkkksss me. Do not stare. Its annoying. Sometimes staring back doesnt work. So I take a little advice from one of my favorties.. Jenna Marbles. Take a look.

Heres my face:

Have an awesome weekend!!

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