Monday, April 9, 2012

FBI Qauntico VA

Let me tell you how cool it would be to become an FBI agent?? If I wasn't so fascinated by the world of dead bodies... I might actually consider it. lol. The forensic club at my University got the opportunity to go to the FBI academy in Quantico, VA. I have to admit. it was pretty awesome. The only thing.. after you take your polygraph test in order to enter, you spend 17 weeks inside the barracks and your not allowed to leave. STUDY STUDY STUDY... then you get shipped off wherever you are needed. Which could be anywhere  o_0

Agents who have died in the line of duty

This part of the trip was freakishly cool. They have a fake town that was created to help training. Its not real but if you were just driving through I promise you would have no idea.

I guess you could say if I ever decided to give up the family and bodies... An agent doesn't sound so bad =)

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