Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rolls, Rolls, Rolls....more rolls...

There isn't a procrastination episode I can't ever seem to miss. I always say I am going to get better at it but honestly I think I just like the pressure. Its the pressure that drives the motivation to get it done. But it also tends to bite me in the butt sometimes. Like I wait for too long and then forget another assigment..its a mess really. But lucky for me its spring break!!! Time to catch up on life some. However I did take the time to spring clean 1/2 way. Its getting there.
Anyhow, I am now in Savannah, Georgia with a few good friends to raise havoc and mayhem. This means lots of drinks, plenty of drag shows and lots of pictures. Ill keep you guys posted! A lot the blogging will be from my phone so bare with me. Lol.
It is our first full day in Savannah, Georgia and so far we are having too much fun. The hotel room is very cute with mirrors that I literally cannot keep my booty out of. lol. Because its thursday we are not really sure about going out tonight but we had to eat so we went to our favorite sushi place here called... oh Sushie Towa..(dont quote me). Lets just say it was amazing usual. I am taking as many pictures as possible to share with you all. So try to keep up. = )

tempura rolls, california rolls, spring rolls, just rolls and rolls and rolls....

Todays outfit of choice:

I had to cute olive-ish jacket to go along with it but its way too hot. Until later =)

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