Saturday, March 17, 2012

Queens, Food, Alcohol..oh yea and Us!!!

Hey hey hey!!!!

I am back from Georgia and lets just say although I love my life here in Harrisburg, Savannah Georgia was one of the best trips I ever took with my friends. From day 1 there were nothing but extreme laughs. Instead of talking your ear off I figure I just share some pics with you guys =)

Lets start by introducing you to my friends:

From left to right: Dustin, Jelena, Me, Steven, Calvin

Many of our nights consisted of food, alcohol and plently of drag queens. I have this weird obession with gay men and drag. Lol. I think that not only does it take major balls to be who you really are and get up on stage and show the world that person, some of these queens move and dance in six inch heels better than I do. Also, about 90% of my friends are gay men. You get to be around men without looking like a whore, the drama as if they are women EXCEPT your never really involved and they are soooo much fun! Its awesome. I just learned this weekend I would be labeled a fruit fly! I think its cute!

Tell me this doesnt look like the real Cher and I swear I will go back to GA just to steal a stilletto to slap you with!

 Like I mentioned before there was pleantly of alcohol at pretty much every meal except breakfast. Below are some of the best martinis ever!!!!! If you ever get a chance to try a Gauvatini DO IT!!! Pure happiness.

Adam & Eve tini, Cosmotini, Gauvatini =)

Well Thats all the pictures I am willing to post at the moment... But maybe I will share a few more in good time. Meanwhile its time to get back to work!
Yes I brought homework on spring break... Hey it was the responsible thing to do =)

Until Next Time:

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