Sunday, January 22, 2012

OoOoOo Jesus!!!! Where are you??

OOOkkk So many of those who know me, know that me and the subject of religion is a battle that you do not want to have with me, especially if your a devout believer. I have never really been one to catch the holy spirit, go to church or even really pick up the bibl for that matter. I even claimed that there was no God.
My thing was always that the people needed some sort of comfort. Something to really believe in. No one wants to believe that this world is really as wicked as it is, no one wants to believe that after they die they are left to rot six feet under leaving their spirit to wander among the same place that rapist, racist and liars go. They need that comfort.

However, through many of my arguments I could tell you what was not but not what was. I could not say "I KNOW there is no god because of this..." So one day I thought to myself.. "do believe in God because I was TAUGHT to believe in God, or do I honestly believe?"

So I began a quest to find the truth. Now, I know that I am not going to find him printed on my toast, under my couch or somewhere outside hiding in a tree. But I'm on a quest to find what I honestly believe. This is where I am at right now...

I argued that the bible was written by man... MANY TIMES... well soo are all of my text books and medical journals that I refference quite often.. they were all written by man and edited many many times.. I cant see Jesus or GOD... well screw the wind theory.. what about atoms, electrons, protons... we all assume they are round little pieces of energy bouncing around.. we dont know where they come from or what they REALLY look like. Science is my world..yet I can barely explain a lot of things concerning it, Hell I dont think a lot of scientist can explain beyond what they really know.

Well anywho, my point is this. Im on a quest to find something. Jesus, God.. the holy spirit, Buddah whatever... The point is im on a quest..

To Looking for Jesus

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