Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Who told you it was ok to laugh huh??

SoOo at this point im late... But Ive been Ooober busy.. So let me catch you up..
School has defintitly started and the work load has not allowed me to not to forget it. I have so stressed and pressured about this whole graduating thing.. which probably wont happen till next fall now..but between school and work i started to become nothing but a draggy grump running on coffee.. but I have had a few good laughs over the past weekend that has allowed me to be my normal crazy self.

A few people hit me up asking to come over and drink and what not.. so heeey its Saturday night why not. Im begining to discover what I really like to drink anyways so I bought some Red Sangria wine and called some people over.. It wasnt that many of us so we out to a close spot called the Gingerbread man..lets just say after my few glasses if wine and a Dirty Banana (which was awwwsome).. i was ready to get loose.

The whole point of this is really just to remind you that no matter what.. it could always be worse. Alot of things that we stress about are things that we really cannot change immediatly or at all... so the next time your stressing.. grab some drinks, some funny friends and laugh.. you derserve it.

To laughter.

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