Friday, July 27, 2012

No children=Better life??

What does it mean to be a successful? Does it mean marriage, awesome career and kids? Can you still be considered truly successful if your blood line stops at you? The reason I ask this is because I just read an article on "Why childfree couples have it all."

The article says that we "are taught to have children and that it the ultimate path to parenthood and fulfilment in life is nothing but an assumption. She continues to to blab on in the middle and chooses to end the article with couple who  have no children have it all because "they have the time to devote and space to their relationship." that because they have no children can value each others career and personal goals better.

I am not sure how I feel about this. Granted I do not want children anytime soon but eventually. This does not mean that I won't have a great marriage and career however.

What do you think? Are childfree couples the ones who have it all? 

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  1. It takes a special type of person to raise a family and to be a wife/husband. It is not for everyone. However, not to sound like the status quo, but when you have children it brings a side of you that you have never seen, more compassion and you become less selfish. I am married, I have a career and I have a child. All these relationships are remarkable and I devote time to each, because in reality, if you can't juggle more than one thing in life you are missing out and be left with what if?

  2. yea i agree...i would much rather wait until i am more ready to have kids. i dont think you are ever fully ready but i would at least like to be able to afford them and have the time that is needed to focus on them i am still in school and just making it by...not in my mind a good time to start a family

  3. I'm pregnant with our first baby and I must say that this little adventure has brought us even closer together! We have experienced so much joy together, joy that you can only experience when you and your spouse have created a little miracle, and it's the BEST feeling!
    Life will change so much throughout a marriage. Whether it's a child, a career change, a move, etc.... it's how you choose to handle these changes that will determine whether you have a GREAT marriage, or a sucky one :)