Sunday, July 1, 2012

15 miles and Hood ventures

Uggghhh. I am dreading the work week. For starters I ride my bike to work and home. My job is about 5 miles away which isn't that far. Although the hills and excessive cars are a pain in the ass. But between both jobs and all of the doctors appointments I don't get to go the gym classes every single day like I want. I now just ride my bike and go solo work outs. Well I decided to ride my bike to the dentist near my job... let me tell you how it was an extra 4 miles away... not the mile the GPS said.. by car... grrrrrrrr. On top of everything I rode my bike to work. Usually I throw it on the front of the bus and just ride home. Over 15 miles I rode my bike that day guys... UGH!!!!

I started off feeling like this:

Finally got home and I felt like this:

I wore an awesome outfit this weekend and got no pictures! I need a photographer

Anywho. This one tid bit my friend posted on my FB page made me laugh my ass off. I couldnt help it. Brightned up my whole mood. Hope you enjoy! 


  1. hahaha aww! well at least you got a good work out in?

    i would be feelings the same way though :P also, the video: i almost just died.

  2. It's Dustin!! I knew you would love that video ;)