Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hey.. My glass is empty.. But my pockets aren't!

One of my faves Steven and Myself
This weekend was spent laughing it up with a few favorites of mine!! I haven't been out in what seems forever, although I did just go out for graduation. Its just feels different being graduated and actually having a few bucks. I discovered the art of beer... now let me tell you. I HATE BEER. However I found out that I love Woodchuck. Its taste just like apple cider (seriously). And its like $3 a cup on draft!! WIN!!! My mixed drinks are usually $6 bucks a drink. ughhhhh. 

Then there was Shakespeare in the park for free!!! The only thing... it took 3 hours for 2 teenagers to kill themselves... I don't understand. That's a five minute ordeal man. But the actors were great, it was free and I got to spend time with family. =)
Romeo & Juliet

Meanwhile the job is going great. I got my first pay check and I couldn't believe it was mine!! I love having a real job! Now maybe I can get out the small debt I have! lol.

Until next time... Time to go catch up with you all!!


  1. Shakespeare in the Park sounds awesome! Wish South Florida had more events like such!

    Liking your blog so far!!

    1. Im glad you like! Come back and visit!

  2. Congrats on the real paycheck ;) That is such a good feeling! I work for tips right now, so I can't wait till I get back to a paycheck. (If ever. Haha.) I LOVE Woodchuck. You should also try Strongbow. Very similar!

    1. Thanks! I am going to try Strongbow. I havent heard of