Saturday, March 12, 2011

The First cut is the deepest!!

This week… man. I’ll say has been some shit!!

I am currently on spring break, which isn’t really much of a break. Its more like extra time at work. But lets start with the most awesome thing to happen to me this week. For starters. As some of you may know i am an intern at the Dauphin County Coroners office. My ultimate goal is to become a Forensic pathologist. Which I am soo very excited about. I love my internship. But this week, I got to actually perform my own autopsy. I usually always help, I have to weigh the organs, write down any notes the doctor says, and so the bodies back up (which I rock at!!). Well this time, I was actually involved in starting the autopsy, with my own scalpel. I did pretty good! First I made a V incision starting from each shoulder to meet in the middle of the sternum and then a straight line down past the belly button, to the groin. This is all to eventually expose the thoracic cavity and chest plate. I got to buzz off the rib cage, to expose an extreme lung tumor. Removing the skull was the hardest part. The human skull is so thick, I was scared I was going to buzz the brain! But I didn’t.

Then the next best part was getting a small part on a TV show with the Coroner of Harrisburg. They wanted to know what it was like being an intern and asked some other cool questions. I will be sure to post that news soon

As much as the beginning of the week rocked, I lost a friend this week. Not to death, but just on stupidity. I admit my mouth can be a bit strong at times, but honestly, I don’t speak on too much when it come to my friends personal lives, when it comes to domestic violence im not a fan of that at all. I told her she was a dumbass for continuing to be with someone who cant keep their hands to themselves. I still stand by my words. She doesn’t want to be froends anymore after 2 years.. but whatever. One day maybe she will realize her eye hurts more than the truth.

Well, that’s all for now. I am currently on my way to Georgia, to finish my spring break. We have been in the car about 10 ass hurts.

To being fuckin awesome!

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