Sunday, February 26, 2012

Women and the One Up Game

Almost all women do it. Whether is conscious or subconscious, we do it. Its the pettiest most annoying thing ever to me but I can't say Im not guilty of it. Its seems lately I have been on the receiving end of this game. Not that I am trying to brag but I do a lot and have accomplished a lot for a young woman my age. I have been on my own since 17, keep three jobs a semester while going to school fulltime. I have no children and Id like to think I am a fairly attractive person. So I could see why there is a slight need for competition. However, I feel like more women should just acknowledge and appreciate things about other women instead of hating on them or trying to compete. "Ive got more this than you", "my this are prettier than her",  Sometimes I feel like instead of going "Her legs are too long for that dress" it should be "I wish I could pull that off. Go girl". I dont know maybe men are guilty of the one up game but I can only speak from a womans perspective. CUT THAT ISH OUT MAN. that is all..

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